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66 Kloosterstraat
Simpelveld, LI, 6369 AE



A combination of mokume-shibori techniques on silk and different felting techniques, hand embroidered with silk thread. 
Wool in the natural colors of different breeds, alpaca and mulberry silk.
Delicate nuno felt nebulas connect the different layers. 

Size 89 x 130 cm.


Strength and vulnerability

Merino wool, mulberry silk, locks of rare breed sheep, alpaca, silk carrier rods, hand dyed with natural madder and Rhamnus bark. Artwork can be placed both horizontally and vertically. 

Size 90 x 185 cm.

What lies within

Trouvaille: Somtimes an insight reveals itself there where you expect it the least.

Mulberry silk, merino wool, wool in natural colours of different breeds mixed with goldenrod and rhamnus bark hand dyed wool, alpaca.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Size 112 x 150 cm.

Now you see it... (Now you don't)

Merino wool, mulberry silk, locks of differtent rare breed sheep, glass, sand, marl, loam, marble flour, flax fibers, charcoal and natural earth pigments.

Size 100 x 150 cm.


Before dawn

Wool of Mongolian sheep and Steinschaf sheep, tussah silk, mulberry silk, merino wool, Fox sheep and Lincoln longwool.

Size 110 x 125 cm.



Diptych. Wool in the natural colors of different rare breed sheep, alpaca, mulberry silk, pongé silk, fresh water pearls and rocks.

Size per panel: 110 x 120 cm.
Artwork including 10 cm space in between
110 x 250 cm


Life emerges from the ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Merino wool, mulberry silk, pongé silk, locks of rare breed sheep, handspun wool thread of Mergelland sheep hand dyed with natural Rhamnus bark.

Size 95 x 170 cm

Starlings over a winter landscape

Alpaca, different kinds of silk an wool, paper and ecoprint on habotai silk felted on merino wool. 
Both in natural colors and hand dyed with herbs and local plants. 

Size 93 x 136 cm.

Falling Leaves

Wool of different breeds and silk felted on eco cotton, ecoprinted with the leaves of sweet gum.

Size 106 x 160 cm.

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